Hello, everyone! My name is Clinton C. and I am the founder of a startup known as Immersion Entertainment.

I.E.’s origins began in 2014 when I decided to begin developing an idea for a comic book. After 3 years of development, it is finally time to finish the script to my first graphic novel Woven: Threads of Humanity. Along the way, I have researched into various aspects of the industry and I have learned that there is way more involved in producing a comic book than I previously thought.

When I first began developing Woven, I was in my last semester as an undergraduate at the University of West Alabama. I was completing my degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I have always wanted to write, but I put my creative writing on hold because I never seemed to be able to find time for it. What I realized is that it was not that I did not have the time, it was that I did not have the courage. I was skeptical about my writing because of doubts: Would people like it? Would they think that I am weird? Can I get published? These questions permeated my psyche and hindered my progress and expression.

One day while talking with a close friend, I decided to put aside my fears and begin. The idea started small – I wanted to present a world where individuals use chemicals to alter their genetic composition to obtain powers as well as individuals who use technology to alter their physical abilities. The idea quickly grew into a 9-part graphic novel series (Under construction). I decided the best route for my project is to self-publish. The internet has made this a viable option.

I am interested in the ideas and thoughts of other independent comic creators. The purpose of this blog is to share interviews with published independent comic creators as well as share reviews on comic related news and media.


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