Overall Rating: 8.3/10

Plot/Story: 8/10

Animation/Design: 8/10

Characters: 8.5/10

Music: 8.5/10

Action/Fights: 8.5/10



Team Naofumi, once again, ends up in a village that needs saving. The team must clean up a mess left by another Cardinal Hero and comes face-to-face with a zombie dragon! Unexpected events trigger one of Naofumi’s most powerful shields yet, the Curse Shield.

Review Conclusion

This episode is the best one yet! Since the start of the series, we have seen a stern, self-motivated Naofumi seemingly performing actions only for rewards. It was nice to see him working late night to use his crafting skill to create new items for his party members. The fact that he made them himself and even goes as far as to keep the items hidden from Filo to not ruin the surprise, showcases that the Naofumi that left on the journey is still the considerate kindhearted individual he was portrayed to be in episode one.


The opening credits had us eager to see what Naofumi’s demon-looking form was all about and we are finally rewarded! The “Curse Shield” is accessed by rage and is incredibly powerful. So powerful, that Naofumi zones out and loses control. I have been complaining about wanting to see more action and we finally get a foe worth fighting, a Zombie Dragon! Filo’s battle skills continue to outshine the rest of Team Naofumi as she quickly jumps in and starts going toe-to-toe with the beast! She was incredible! Best combat chicken I have ever witnessed (the chicken from Family Guy may be a contender).

I am beginning to see why Naofumi was chosen as the Shield Hero. I doubt the other heroes would take the time a personally create medicines for those in need. Granted Naofumi uses it as a source of income, he still takes the time to see to his patients and distribute the medicine himself. The other Cardinal Heroes, as far as we have been shown, are seeking quests to level up combat skills. Naofumi seems to be leveling up skills that aren’t necessarily related to combat. I just hate that he is so condescending to those who need him. It is somewhat backward that he is upset because of the events in episode one but treat obviously nice people like pests. Even though he is genuinely aiding the people, he could really ease up on how he speaks to people. Show some respect, Naofumi!

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode! The battle with the dragon had me feeling that Team Naofumi really had something at stake! Filo continues to shine as a battle companion, and I am still hoping that Raphtalia’s battle skills are highlighted a bit more in the future. The Curse Shield has a really cool design and gives Naofumi more of an edgy presence that he desperately needed (let us admit Naofumi is not the most exciting of MC’s after all). I give this episode an 8.3/10.

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