Overall Rating: 8.2/10

Plot/Story: 8.5/10

Animation/Design: 8.5/10

Characters: 8/10

Music: 8/10

Action/Fights: 8/10


So, there is clearly more to Filo than meets the eye. This episode opens with the eccentric slave dealer explaining that Filo is a rare member of her breed imbuing her with the ability to transform into a human form. As an audience, we knew this in part due to the opening credits, but still, knowing exactly what Filo is, is a key bit of information. Due to the nature of Filo’s abilities, Team Naofumi is now tasked with finding clothes that can adjust to her size. After inquiring of such clothing from Boss, he explains that that type of item is rare and that they should ask the dressmaker. The dressmaker informs them that she needs a magic thread to be able to produce an outfit for Filo. This magic thread can only be made by infusing the wearer’s mana into the thread using a certain magic gem. Team Naofumi begins to seek out the gem.

During their travels, they pick up a hitchhiker in desperate need of a ride to his home to deliver some potion to his mother. Upon their arrival, Naofumi puts his medicine skill to use and enhances the potion for the mother. This encounter spawns the beginnings of Naofumi’s healing and traveling services, due to which he becomes known as “Our Savior of the Heavenly Fowl”. Naofumi ends up escorting an accessory dealer who becomes the target of a bandit attack. Team Naofumi makes quick work of the incompetent thugs and the accessory dealer graciously offers Naofumi crafting knowledge as well as meaningful connections with other merchants.


The accessory dealer also gives Naofumi the right to enter a gem mine which conveniently stores the gem necessary for Filo’s new attire. The Witch (introduced in Episode #5) accompanies Team Naofumi into the mine. Deep within the mine, we get a small, yet savory taste of action as Team Naofumi encounters a creature known as a nue. Team Naofumi, with the aid of the Witch, combats the nue and retrieve the necessary gem.

Review Conclusion

I found this episode to be pretty good. Ultimately it was just dress shopping for Filo, but at least we got some good dungeon action towards the end! The nue had an awesome design and seeing Filo go toe-to-toe with it really gave the episode the energy that it needed.

This episode was more Team Naofumi oriented, so the other Cardinal Heroes, the King, and Myne were scarcely brought up, which I liked. It was becoming a bit redundant that most of Naofumi’s issues were coming from his supposed allies. Also, I think being away from all the riff-raff allowed Naofumi some time to be a bit more like himself. Remember, in the very beginning, Naofumi came off as very polite and respectful. Being around the King (and his minions) has hardened Naofumi into a person that is very stern and direct. During this episode we see Naofumi soften just a bit, especially during times he engages with Filo.


Raphtalia really showed up and showed out this episode, dispatching bandits as well as holding her own against the nue! Her new illusion ability was able to shine, and her fighting tactics are enhancing. Honestly, it was Raphtalia and Filo on the front lines, while Naofumi blocked a few times. Not to bash on Naofumi, but he should not let the ladies have all the fun!  I give this episode an 8.2.

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