Overall Rating: 7.3/10

Plot/Story: 7.5/10

Animation/Design: 7.5/10

Characters: 7.5/10

Music: 7/10

Action/Fights: 7/10


Naofumi has gained new skills and his field practice with Raphtalia is beginning to yield results. With the Wave of Catastrophe looming, Team Naofumi needs to be well equipped. The duo upgrades their gear and venture to the dragon hourglass where they encounter the other heroes before being teleported off to combat the wave.


Raphtalia is growing incredibly fast, already looking to be in her mid to late teens. She no longer exhibits her weak and timid nature as her time with Naofumi appears to have elevated her health and confidence. The young demi-human is proving to not only be an asset in the field but also when it comes to the art of the deal. She gets fantastic deals on items, which is great for Naofumi, especially since he is not particularly liked by the merchants (other than Boss).  Boss gives Team Naofumi a generous deal on customized armor for Naofumi and a new “magic metal” sword for Raphtalia.

The duo seeks out the dragon hourglass to know the exact time of the oncoming Wave. While there, they encounter the other Cardinal Heroes. The heroes question Raphtalia’s commitment to Naofumi and try to convince her to leave his party. Raphtalia expresses her appreciation for Naofumi for rescuing her, strengthening her, and giving her a reason to fight.

We get our first real taste of action when the first Wave of Catastrophe hits. Team Naofumi finds themselves whisked away to the front lines where they must protect a small, defenseless village from hordes of oncoming monsters. The king’s soldiers witness Team Naofumi’s strength, courage, and selflessness. Team Naofumi gains some respect from a few of the soldiers, while the rest remain committed to the crown.

Review Conclusion

Raphtalia’s character development is the most apparent. She is beginning to become her own person with her own purpose. She is an easily likable character that serves as a contrast to the stiff and generally unlikeable, Naofumi. The Shield Hero takes care of Raphtalia true enough, but it is not clear if this is solely due to his need for a “sword” or if he is genuinely warming up to Raphtalia. It would be nice to see Naofumi be a bit less of an asshole while maintaining a discerning mindset. The best part about this episode was seeing Team Naofumi take on the first Wave of Catastrophe. In comparison to the previous episodes, I found this one to be the most engaging.

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