Overall Rating:  7/10

Plot/Story: 7.5/10

Animation/Design: 7.5/10

Characters: 6/10


This episode initiates and explores Naofumi’s relationship with his new party member, Raphtalia which he procured from a local slave dealer to fight for him. Raphtalia is a demi-human with raccoon-like characteristics who ended up in slavery after the brutal massacre of her parents. Raphtalia is child-like but must quickly build the courage to fight vicious monsters for Naofumi or risk being replaced.


Naofumi is determined to become stronger and escape this parallel world that he has begun to loathe.  Rumors about his fraudulent crime towards the princess have made him infamous and many of the merchants and innkeepers do not wish to do business with him. Regardless, Naofumi quickly adapts to his low social standing and is willing to use less than reputable means to achieve his goals, which includes purchasing a sick demi-human slave child and forcing her to battle life-threatening monsters.

Naofumi and Raphtalia’s relationship develops quickly. Raphtalia appreciates the care that she receives from Naofumi and even though it is clear Naofumi cares for the girl, it does not stop him from training her to be his sword. Needing to earn money, the two travel to a local mine seeking ore to sell. The situation quickly intensifies when a creature comparable to the one that killed Raphtalia’s parents appears.


The animation style of the show is pretty good. There’s not anything specific to brag about, but I felt the animation flowed smoothly.

Characters 6/10

There are only 4 characters of interest in this episode, Naofumi, Raphtalia, the slave dealer, and the weapon dealer. Naofumi’s character is a bit inconsistent. The character between episode 1 and 2 seem to be two different individuals. Previously, Naofumi came off as confused, clumsy, and incompetent, even to the point of getting played by the princess immediately after his arrival. I understand that Naofumi, had to change to survive, but he seems to have disassociated from his previous self. Still, he is doing things the best he knows how. There is not much to say about Raphtalia. We got a bit of background on her and her fighting skills aren’t up to par just yet. We will have to wait and see if she gets any special moves to make her stand out as a warrior. The slave dealer seems to have a lot more going on than we can see on the surface. He must have nefarious connections to be able to operate under everyone’s nose. The weapon dealer comes off as a standard character. Strong and strong-minded, the weapon dealer is the only one who did not betray Naofumi after receiving the news of his crimes.

Review Conclusion

                This episode purely serves the purpose of introducing Raphtalia and seeing how she works with Naofumi out in the field. We didn’t get any additional context on the waves of chaos or any information about the rest of the cardinal heroes. The minor fight scenes did not offer much to the eye since they were simply and easily averted. Not a bad episode, it just wasn’t juicy. This episode receives a 7/10 and is watchable.

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