Hello, geeks, nerds, and dweebs alike! Today, I want to discuss a topic which has been on my mind for some time now; the similarity between Naruto’s Might Guy and My Hero Academia’s All Might. Upon first consideration, it may be easy to write this topic off as another crazy fan theory but hear me out. There are several reasons I feel that the Leaf Village’s Konoha’s Sublime Green Beast of Prey and Tokyo’s Symbol of Peace, are more alike than you think!

So, where to start. I know, their name! Both characters share the name, Might. Simple comparison, right? Well, although, it is a simple comparison, I feel that the name “Might” carries a lot of meaning. Might is defined as great and impressive strength. Both Might Guy and All Might have immense strength. These two men can create shock waves with their punches. The force of Night Guy’s punches can bend space. The force of All Might’s punches can change the weather.  Each of these heroic icons can be said to have truly lived up to their name “Might” through feats such as contending with Madara Uchiha and facing off against All for One (AFO).

Another trait these characters share is their amazingly large eyebrows. I know what you’re thinking, an insignificant variable. Well, consider what having bushy eyebrows entail. Large eyebrows are a character trait used to portray an individual who is righteous, helpful, and friendly, while also being masculine, active and impulsive. Might Guy is known throughout the Hidden Villages for his amazing stamina and friendliness. Likewise, All Might has known the world over for his strength and energy.

Here is a good opportunity to highlight the significance of having large eyebrows versus not having large eyebrows. When All Might is in his regular form (Toshinori Yagi), his eyebrows are not even visible and he is clearly different from the persona he portrays to the world. The only reason to take away Toshinori’s eyebrows completely would be to emphasize the differences in Toshinori and All Might’s character traits. Toshinori looks feeble, weak, and honestly, unhappy. I feel the inclusion of large eyebrows for these characters was done purposefully, with their personalities and abilities in mind.

There are many characters in storytelling history, but few have the overzealous grins of Might Guy and All Might. They both love to smile! Every heard of a Duchenne smile? A Duchenne smile is what is known as a genuine smile and both characters exhibit this trait. Might Guy is known for his big smile and thumbs up, similarly, All Might’s smile is a national treasure. Both of these handsome devils have what I believe are Duchene smiles, completely genuine. Even when they are completely beaten up, they can offer a true smile to strengthen those around them.

They both train initially, powerless pupils. I love Rock Lee. I love Deku. But, without Might Guy and All Might, both Lee and Deku would be useless and irrelevant. For all intents and purposes, Rock Lee and Deku were, and would still be powerless without these two jumpsuit wearing individuals jumping into their lives and making them worth a damn! Which brings me to my next point; both of Might Guy and All Might seem to love their jumpsuits! But hey, at least it’s not a Romper.

Was All Might inspired by Might Guy? It’s highly possible. Both share a can-do attitude. Both never give up despite the circumstances. Both have really bushy eyebrows. Naruto has been influential in the manga/anime community for a number of years now. It is safe to assume that Naruto and the citizens of Hidden villages are impacting character and plot designs of new stories being told, today. I think it is cool to consider these possibilities when watching or reading anime/manga because it potentially offers us a deeper understanding of the character and the writers themselves.

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