Review for You: My Hero Academia Episodes 1-2

Hello, Everyone! I know I am a tad bit behind the times, but, I am finally caught up on My Hero Academia (MHA). MHA is a Shonen Jump manga, written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. The manga was adapted into an anime by Studio Bones in 2016.
MHA revolves around the protagonist Izuku Midoriya (Deku), who dreams of becoming a superhero, in a world where 80% percent of the population is born with a superpower, otherwise known as, a Quirk. At the age of 4, doctors inform Deku and his mother that he does not have a Quirk and is unlikely to develop one. Deku does not let this fact deter him from wanting to become a hero and go to the prestigious U.A. High School for hero training and preparation. Deku is often bullied by his childhood friend/rival Katsuki Bakugo, who is born with the Quirk explosion, allowing Bakugo to generate flames and explosions. Bakugo often taunts Deku for being so weak and constantly reminds Deku that he will never become a hero.
Both boys dream of being a superhero and idolize the #1 hero All-Might. All-Might is the pinnacle of what a hero should be. All-Might is strong, fast, and a symbol of peace. He is the world’s greatest hero. One day, Deku is attacked by a slime villain, who can enter and take over its host. Deku, knows that he will die in moments, when, suddenly, All-Might appears and captures the villain, saving Deku’s life with a Texas Smash! Deku has so many questions for his hero, that when All-Might leaps off, Deku clings on to him, flying into the air. Deku asks All-Might if he can still be a hero without a Quirk and his response is not good news for Deku. All-Might explains that was seriously injured several years and can only work in his hero form for more than 3 hours a day. All-Might explains the danger of hero work and villains, suggesting to Deku that, perhaps, police work would be best for him.
Shortly after Deku and All-Might part ways, All-Might realizes the villain he has captured is no longer in his possession. The bottle, All-Might confined the villain in, had fallen out of his pocket and landed in the city. Bakugo kicks the bottle releasing the slime villain, who instantly subdues Bakugo, and tries to take over his body. Bakugo is not one to give up easily. He uses his explosive Quirk to attempt to free himself from the villain’s grasp. The surrounding flames capture the attention of the public, and importantly, nearby heroes. The heroes are unable to effectively engage with the villain, who has almost completely consumed Bakugo. Suddenly, Deku runs from the crowd and begins clawing at the slime villain, trying to save Bakugo. All-Might witnesses, this act of heroism and is revigorated. Although his body is worn out, All-Might assumes his hero form and lands a Detroit Smash on the slime villain, freeing Bakugo. All- Might admires Deku’s courageousness and offers him a gift beyond anything Deku could ever imagine, All Might’s Quirk, One-for-All.
MHA has been an amazing watch! Initially, I felt the show opened slowly, with not much going on. Continuing into the series, I gained a respect for how the series began, realizing that the first 2 episodes, set the entire stage of what MHA would represent. I have enjoyed watching Deku’s transformation from zero to hero, as he strives to control his newly obtained Quirk, One-for-All, which grants Deku all the strength of All-Might. Deku encounters powerful peers with extraordinary quirks, all striving to become heroes. The diverse cast offers viewers a variety of individuals to relate to, while still offering important character development points. Deku wants to not only prove that he deserved to inherit, One-for-All, he also wants to prove that he deserves that title, Hero.

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