Superhero films flew into theaters for fans frantic to see their favorite heroes and heroines on the big screen. Highly anticipated movies of classic caped crusaders and several casual contenders competed to cash in big bucks at the box office. Action packed, funny, and heartfelt, the yet to be clearly defined, superhero movie genre made several successful gains in 2017, exhibiting to viewers various methods of executing a superhero film. Yet, which superhero movie drew in the most domestic dollars? Here, I have 2017’s superhero movies ranked Zero to Hero.
#12 Captain Underpants

GDI: 73,921,000

What’s not to love about a goofy, middle-aged, principal, galavanting around town, hypnotized into believing he’s a superhero? Captain Underpants didn’t top the movie charts, but he made it to the big screen in all his underpants glory. Obviously, Captain Tighty-whities is a movie aimed at young children and adults nostalgic for their childhood potty-mouth humor, but Captain Underpants domestic earnings give it the rank of zero on the list.

#11 Power Rangers: The Movie

GDI: 85,364,450

Five teenagers with attitude teleported into theaters for the first time since 1995. Adapted for a new era of viewers, Power Rangers morphed into a darker, grittier film than many fans are not accustomed to. Our heroes have to combat Rita Repulsa and her Putty Man henchmen while dealing with day to day high school drama. Never-the-less, Power Ranger: The Movie had people go, go, going to the movie theater!

#10 Kingsman: The Golden Circle


A Kickass movie with a James Bond storyline? Brilliant! Kingsman: The Golden Circle elegantly combines want to be superheroes and super spies with a free pass to kill. If you’re a fan of the first installment you will love it all over again! Eggsy and his ragtag band of agents wrangled some moviegoers into theater seats in this wash, rinse, repeat sequel.

#9 Transformers: The Last Knight


“If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, try again” -William Edward Hickson

The Transformers franchise continues to come up to bat with it’s most recent installment: The Last Knight. Giant, alien, combat ready, robots have the amazing ability to transform homebodies into movie goers.

#8 The LEGO Batman Movie


Product advertising gold. Depicting some of D.C.’s most notable heroes and villains in adorable LEGO form, The LEGO Batman Movie paid homage to everything that is Batman, while ensuring that children and adults alike will desire the toys to create their own epic adventures.

#7 Justice League: Dawn of Justice


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Justice League: Dawn of Justice maintains its dark, Injustice-like, tone, despite a change in directors mid-production. Despite the hype, Justice League was unable to fight its way to the top of the list.

#6 Logan


Fox studios have been squeezing out every adamantium coated coin they can out of Logan a.k.a The Wolverine. This mutant franchise just will not die, and why should it? Logan has an uncanny ability to revive Hollywood’s pocketbooks.

#5 Thor: Ragnarok


Thor, God of Thunder and the radioactive Incredible Hulk 1v1? Yeah, that’ll fill a coliseums and movie theaters alike. Marvel does not mind taking risks when it comes to simplifying a deep, complex storyline, to add zeros to the payroll. Thor: Ragnarok summoned fans from all over the 9 realms.

#4 Spider-Man: Homecoming


We wanted a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and Marvel Studios delivered. Simple and fun, Spidey brings a lighthearted element to the web-slinger’s franchise. Distinct from its franchise predecessors, Spider-Man: Homecoming slung its way near the top of the list.

#3 Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume II


The first installment left fans yearning for more, as theaters were flooded to see the Guardians, again, on the big screen. Groot is adorable and most scenes are well done. Guardians of the Guardians: Volume II clearly earns its keep, so it definitely will not be eaten.

#2 Wonder Woman


Leaving her Dawn of Justice movie cohorts in her Amazon dust, Diana Prince lassoed moviegoers to into theaters. Wonder Woman shows us that D.C. can make a well-rounded movie, that is not based on Batman and Supes. I’m sure the executives will cash in on a sequel.

#1 Star Wars


The force is strong indeed! Currently still showing in theaters, Star Wars: The Last Jedi continues to pull in the Imperial credits, earning it the rank of Hero! Stormtrooper could not stop the rebellion from making their way to theaters all over the country.

Disclaimer: Some may wonder why some of the movies were included, feeling that it may not adhere to the common parameters of what a superhero movie is believed to be. Each movie was included because I believe they contain elements of what superheroes and their movies are at heart. Further discussion of what I believe to be a superhero will occur in future posts!

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