Samurai 8: Chapter 1 Review

Overall Rating: 8.75/10 Plot/Story: 8.5/10 Art/Design: 9/10 Characters: 8.5/10 Action/Fights: 9/10 Synopsis             Hachimaru (a terminally ill, homebound child on life-support) is granted an opportunity at a new life when his father is threatened by powerful cyborg samurai. Review Summary Knowing that this work is from the creator of Naruto (Masashi Kishimoto), I was very excited […]

The Rising of the Shield Hero: Episode 1 Review

Hey everyone! Clint here with my first impressions on the anime, The Rising of the Shield Hero. The show’s protagonist Naofumi is a 20-year-old college student who is a self-proclaimed otaku (a derogatory word basically describing an obsessive nerd), living in modern-day Japan. One day, Naofumi was browsing novels at the local library where he […]